When we consider how technology is changing the ways we shop and work and the ways we play and learn, our experience is a product of the environment. We work in net-meetings, we browse through web-sites, and we skim over web pages. Interface Design is a conduit between intention, action and response. From desktop to shopping cart, we challenge metaphor and convention in favor of simplicity and clarity. Our multi-disciplinary approach recognizes that user experience is a product of both the physical and electronic environment. Good design is both explanatory and exploratory; it is transparent when function and intention are seamless.

Internet Presence
Web Design and Development
    Flash, Shockwave
    Javascript, Java
Domain Naming
Site Promotion/Banner Advertising
Hosting/ISP Selection
Site Administration
On-Site Training

UI Design
Concept Metaphors
Interface Specifications
Usability Analysis

Electronic Interaction
    Transaction Processing
    Computer Based Training
Virtual Workplaces
    Collaborative Technologies
    Security intra/extranets
    Document Sharing
    Systems/Workflow Automation
    Interactive presentations