The following collections of online resources provides a helpful starting point for project information and technical data. If you have a URL that you think should be included in our library, please email it to

Architectural Design
Graphic Design
Interface/Web Design
Tools and Plugins

Architectural Design Sweets Product Reference Architects Catalog, Inc. Product Reference Construction Zone Product Reference American Institute of Architects
Sustainable Development

Graphic Design
Communication Arts: Design awards, articles and tips
International Typeface Corporation: Fonts, typography specifications Fonts, typography specifications
Potlatch Paper
Foxriver Paper Stock Photography

Interface/Web Design
HTML 4.0 Specifications: W3C
Network Solutions: Domain Name Search, Administration and Registration Apache webserver specs CGI Programming CGI programming in perl Sun Microsystem source for Java technology Technology resources Web development technology resource Web development for Netscape Microsoft Web Developer Network

Tools and Plugins
Jpeg optimizer
Gif optimizer
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Macromedia Shockwave and Flash
CosmoPlayer VRML

Circline: Antiques Furnishings Office Storage and Furnishings
Resources for the Small Office/Home Office