Our mission is to integrate design into the way people work, live, live and learn. We seek to sharpen "design awareness" of a situation so that the potential of design can be realized for our clients. Design is not just a creative solution, it's a way of exploring possibility, engaging resources and initiating action.

Design is both a process and a product of transFORMATION and creation of potential to reality. It is both the inner meaning and the outward expression of intention. It is everywhere, in the places where we work and play, the print we read and write, and in the tools we use to communicate and to think with. Conventional design practice is specialized in academic and professional disciplines. We feel this often restricts the "space of potential" for design, narrowing perspective within boundaries created in conventional design practice. However, information and design technology is providing new opportunities for collaboration, expanding the potential of design across these conventional boundaries. This "designformation" is recasting the role of design. Whether its a workspace, a logo, or a web site, design is a way of seeing our world and a way of expressing ourselves.